Terms and Conditions and Privacy

Xglobal is a voluntary charity platform among its participating members, aiming to promote global charity in over 50+ countries.

Terms of use:

1. By registering you agree to the terms of the platform and its rules of conduct.

2. Xglobal does not store any donated funds, and therefore is not responsible for any adverse event that may bring you any harm. Your participation is voluntary and you are not obligated to participate if you do not agree. You must participate with values ​​that do not harm you.

3. The charities made on our donation page are public and can be verified through the Hash of transactions, the entire amount will be converted to charity monthly at public events held in one country or more in that month.

4. The internal rules of the mutual aid system may be changed whenever necessary for the improvement and stability of the platform.

5. The deadlines for donations to be made or received can be adjusted daily, there is no fixed time, but a variable one, according to criteria of analysis of the general structure of the community to identify irregularities and also based on a balance between input and output.

Rules of Conduct:

1. The participant must maintain honesty among the other members, always maintain the principle of charity among all, acting in this way, your participation is safe.

2. Participants who do not respect other participants, or act in an aggressive, threatening or any other type of negative attitude, have their account banned.

3. Being greedy, acting in bad faith, trying to harm other people or even the charity platform has its account banned when detected.

4. Spreading fake news, trying to panic people with lies, also results in your ban.

5. Leaving your members unsupported, failing to support each other, not being active within the community may result in your account being blocked or banned.

6. Be honest and if you identify any irregularities let us know via ticket.

7. If the system or our team of experts detect fraud or an attempt to circumvent the community rules for self-interest, the account will be Banned bringing harm to the participant.

Xglobal Mutual Help Internal Donations Rules:

How Xglobal works:

Donations grow between 30% and 75% per month. (According to each range of values ​​when creating your donation). After 30 days, if your donation is still not complete, the daily growth is 0.1% per day.

Healthy donation you must create through the UNLOCK button as soon as your PH is fully confirmed, then in a few days the initial 10% of this new donation will be generated, from the moment the initial 10% of your healthy donation is paid and confirmed, just click the CASHOUT button to receive your GH.

For every donation, whether a healthy donation or a new donation to the community, the minimum threshold to donate is 50% of your largest donation. Example: If you have a PH(Donation) of 1000 TRX, your next donation must be at least 500 TRX, never less than 500. The system will always inform you, don't worry.

Bonus withdrawal is required to keep an active donation in the last 7 days and also to have registered a new user in the same period of time and this new user must have an open PH and paid the initial 10%, then once confirmed your bonus receipt is available. (Detail: If the participant who is going to withdraw the bonus makes a new registration himself and only donate the initial 10% and ignores the rest, his main account will be BANNED).

After a GH is opened, it will enter a queue to receive, where participants will gradually make donations until it is fully completed, there is no exact deadline for completion so you just follow daily until it is 100% complete.

After an open PH, it enters a queue to be distributed to the donation requesting members, normally an amount that can vary from 5% to 20% is sent first, which we call initial verification, then the rest is sent later, too there is no correct deadline for your PH to be paid 100%, it is according to the balance and mathematical strategy of the moment the community is experiencing, so stay calm and access your office daily and as soon as your donation arrives, do it quickly, this helps speed and community management.

You participate voluntarily and spontaneously by making a donation to one or more participants, in the currency of your choice.

You wait for the maturity and completion time of your donation (There is no fixed time for completion this period can be adjusted more or less).


Finally, Xglobal maintains the principle of charity and honesty at all times. Following this purpose, together we walk in making the world a much better place for everyone, follow the monthly charity events around the world.